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Super cloud management solutions provider
Time:2013/9/9 13:47:50
System Overview:

Costing way more flexible and can effectively select costing method for the nature of the goods, more precisely reflect profits. Based on. NET platform, before comparing the same type of software, network more stable, more secure data;
Three-tier development, logic clearer and data move clear. As layered architecture is designed to support a variety of formats store application;
Using SQL Server 2005 database, higher stability, efficiency is better. One installation, ease of use;
Powerful access control, data is divided into functional competence and authority;
System uses the business library, library inquiries separation mode, frequent queries will not affect the normal operations, the system will generate various types of data reports in advance, so that queries more easily;
Using third-party controls make operation more simple, flexible, graphical analysis is also more diverse, print, export, template editing arbitrary.

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